1. Hello world of tumblr. If you know my brother’s band, Conditions, please donate money to help them fund their second record. Not only will you get the reward of the new album, but you could also get any of the following:

    • $5 - Twitter Shoutout (give them your twitter name)
    • $10 - Personalized Autographs (address needed)
    • $25 - Shirt/sticker combo (address needed)
    • $50 - Facetime or Skype chat
    • $100 - Your name in the “thank you” page of the album
    • $250 - Facetime or Skype Acoustic song (of your choice)
    • $500 - Tickets and a meet and greet (show of your choice)
    • $750 - Dinner date with the band (before or after show of your choice)
    • $1000 - Private Acoustic Performance (you choose the setlist)

    Please help them out. Thank you to those who do. To those who can’t give money, help us spread this round!

    Also, here’s their single from their first album for those of you who haven’t listened to them. Check it out!¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4CaD4peewE

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